The Zoom Arts Group

The Zoom Arts Group was originally set up by Robert Maxted and John Scowen. After finishing their studies in Photography they came to realisied the mammoth task they faced to have their work exhibited. So the Zoom Arts Group was born.

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The Zoom Arts Group

Zoom Arts is  Primarily a self funding collective of creative people who regularly hold exhibitions to showcase members own art work. We aim to hold two exhibitions every year at the Stade Hall. One of which is themed and the other is open to self interpretation. All work is for sale to the general public with all profits going to the artist with no fees or commission charged by the Zoom Arts Group.
We also hold a charity event every year to help local causes. In 2015 we supported the  Cystic  Fibrosis Trust, making a generous donation through the auction of members own art work. In 2016 within
our own gallery space we supported the  RNLI with an art sale based on a nautical theme. Thanks to the generosity of our members who donated their work and time, a healthy donation was made to our local branch.
Having secured a gallery space at Warrior Square Station until mid October 2016. (hopefully we will renegotiate for a further year). We now have a rota in place so that all members have a  chance to exhibit their  own work at the new gallery space. Some of whom have already done so and have gained enormously from the experience.
Also we hold free workshops within the gallery space, which are all run by our members. A Photoshop workshop was run recently with great success.  We want to tap into the skills of current members and share their knowledge amonst the group.Further workshops will follow