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Su Bishop,
Which Way The Wind Blows.

                                 Which Way the Wind Blows By Su Bishop.

Which Way the Wind Blows is a compilation of black and white images taken in the summer of Chicago 2016 by St Leonards based Artist Su Bishop.
Bishop’s images are an acknowledgement to the callaesthetics of the everyday people and the strength held within us. By showing the beauty in the everyday people Bishop is sending a message to say we are all important and we all matter. Bishop has an empathy with her subjects and felt triggered to use her images from her trip to Chicago for this exhibition, in response to the dislocated shift in the political climate reverberating around the world. Bishop feels that despite the political extremism we’re experiencing it shouldn't matter which religion you favour (if any at all), where you are from, or the colour of your skin, we are all just people trying to get on and do our best, we are all people with our own individual worth. It is down to the individual to what choices we make but ultimately we will all be judged throughout life for whatever reason anyway. Some being dealt harder cards to deal with than others. Hence the title ‘Which way the Wind Blows” as it is evident that people will be judged, through no fault of their own.
Bishop uses the lens as her frame to focus in on her subjects, striving to capture that inherent glimpse that conjures up a uniqueness that is within us all. The photograph giving life to a moment that has passed. The subject is then open to interpretation. Bishop’s approach to street portraiture is to convey that beauty from within her subject. Bishop has discovered through her camera that it is in a busy crowd we disappear as passers by, but individually we shine. We only expose a small glimpse of our true selves beyond closed doors, yet the camera, every so often, is capable of capturing that elusive identity, highlighting the evanescent relationship between the photographer, the lens and subject themselves.

    Exhibition Of Current Work
  Barbara Williams & Cat Pavek

                     Barbara William's Artist Statement.

  My work for this show explores an interest in the process of crushing, in the contrast between weight and lightness, and in the idea of traces left behind. 

                     Cat Pavek's Artist Statement.

Drawing is the focus of all my work and mainly explores themes around place and space. For example, I might follow a line through a landscape or a line that travels over the human form; perhaps I will explore space through geometric drawing. Ideas often gain momentum and branch out into other mediums like sculpture, photography or experiments with colour.
All projects are an attempt to understand the world around me and to open up questions about what drawing is and does.

Rachel Hoath

I find I am constantly influenced by many unrelated things:~ Architecture, nature, light, colour. Also the painters of the early 19th Century including, Matisse, Van Gogh, Klee, Kandinsky and Mondrian. I often feel that I am not working with glass, but with light and colour as a painter might.
I have recently been delving into the world of Glass Casting, and am currently exploring themes of the sea, and solitude. I am working on a series of ‘Net Huts’, as well as other ‘ sea, and nature related pieces. The process for my cast glass pieces is many faceted. Firstly I make a clay or wax model, then a plaster mould with a ‘special’ mix for strength. Once the clay/wax is removed from the mould it has to be dried completely, which depending on its size, can take several weeks. Once dry, the mould is filled with my glass of choice and fired at temperatures in excess of 800c, and because of the nature of glass this can be many days in the kiln. Once cool the pieces have to be cold worked.
 I teach fused glass workshops from my Garden studio in Bexhill

07879 474947

Tony Ellis & Steven Kilmartin
      The Round Exhibition.

                              Alan Russell's Exhibition
                                         'As I See It'